Pilot Episode: Shakshuka!

On the pilot episode, I’m makin’ shakshuka, an easy-to-make middle eastern egg dish that works as breakfast, lunch or dinner. It consists of ingredients you can keep around the house and definitely makes you feel good (and is good for you).

Recipe (serves two to three people):

2-4 Eggs
3 Medium Tomatoes
1 Medium Onion
1 Green Pepper
1 Can Diced Tomatoes
2 Tbsp. Tomato Paste
2 Cloves Garlic (Optional)
1 Tbsp. Hot Pepper (Optional)
Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Cayenne Pepper to taste

Three Easy Steps to Slammin’ Shakshuka:

1. Choppin’

Chop the tomatoes, onions and green pepper (and optional garlic and hot pepper). You want the pieces to be bite-sized (though the onion can be smaller).

2. Fryin’

Heat a frying pan (the higher the sides of the pan, the better) with some olive oil and fry the onions (and optional garlic and hot pepper) to start. When onions get a bit soft, throw in the tomatoes and pepper. Once the veggies start getting a bit soft, throw in the canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Keep that cookin’ (and stirring) at a low heat until the green pepper is pretty soft.

3. Crackin’

Turn up the heat until the mixture starts to bubble. Crack one egg at a time into the pan and let them sit there. Do not stir or move the eggs around. You might want to cover the pan. Eggs should take about 4 minutes to cook but you can decide if you want them runnier or harder.

When they arrive at the consistency you like, scoop up tomatoes and egg onto the plate and serve with a thick piece of bread and some salad. You may also want to try throwing some cheese on top of your frying eggs and/or topping off your meal with some hot sauce.

Yum. Let me know how it goes.



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17 responses to “Pilot Episode: Shakshuka!

  1. secret admirer

    Fuck rolling up my sleeves, I’m taking off my shirt! Shit is hot!

  2. Anna Banana

    Hey!! Great effort, y’all! Mad props…keep it up!

  3. Carinne Luck

    rollupya sleeves!!!

    liz, sister friend, this is team awesome delicious.

    and adam, you are a music mixing and editing master.

    gimme more cookin’

  4. i love it! you are the cookin’ queen. xoxo

  5. best. ever.

    can’t wait til this shit blows up.

    imma link your blog to my blog and all the theater people will come a-runnin’.

  6. GLICK

    I showed it to Bea. The lil one’s love it.

  7. richagram

    I think I’m gonna make it for a dinner party tonight?

  8. mindelini

    I love it. Especially the banner picture on the top. You look so happy.

  9. erica yo z

    me gusta. what were the spices you used?
    good blend of attitude, grace, and heart. yum.

  10. kat

    good music + good food, two of the most happiness-inducing things in this universe! yay, awesome!

    as for the food, i like the three forms of tomato in there. also, i am totally in favor of cracking eggs into anything hot – soup, stew, pot o’ beans… automatic +10 heartiness. for the next episode, could you maybe give some context for the dish you’re cooking, like delve a bit more into the history of it, or the contexts in which it’s eaten, or offer up some trivia about the ingredients? to engage the stomach + the brain!

  11. i’m hungry – teach me more!

    you guys rule!

  12. laurent

    j ai goute le shakshuka hier,a Caesaree,au nord de tel aviv,et cetait vraiment incroyable…pourtant,je suis sur que tu le cuisines encore mieux!!!
    avec babeth nous allons revoir la video,et chacun de notre cote nous mettre aux fourneaux bientot!
    bises de nous deux,a tel aviv!

  13. Larry

    In reference to episode two:
    You my main nut.

    Larry Glickman

  14. Larry

    In reference to all episodes:


    -Larry Glickman
    father to Jessica Glickman
    aka. The Glicks

  15. Jason & Keren Ludvig

    That rocked…..let’s see your tricked out challahs!!!


  16. unique


  17. Janis and Shimon

    WOW, Liz! Michal turned us on to your blog and recipe for Shakshukah. It is a lazy snowy day in Philly and I thought what a perfect time to try it out. We so enjoyed making it, eating it and reminiscing about Shimon’s favorite shakshukahs in Israel. He says your recipe rates right up there. Thanks for your blog and the opportunity it offered us to have an incredible meal and who knows- the start of a long family tradition! Yasher Koach.

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