Picture Me Rollin’

For a Hi-Definition version of this video click here: http://blip.tv/file/1130652

After busting in on some folks eating wack food, I head to the kitchen to make easy summer spring rolls and a spicy apricot dipping sauce. These rolls will impress your guests and taste delicious!

Ingredients for spring rolls:

1 Mango

1 Cucumber

Several Carrots

1 avocado

Fresh Basil

Rice Paper

Ingredients for apricot dipping sauce:

1/2 cup apricot preserves

1 tablespoon water

2 teaspoons fresh lime juice

2 teaspoons soy sauce

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/4 teaspoon minced peeled fresh ginger (you may add hot sauce if you want it spicier)

Slice mango, cucumber, avocado and carrots into thin strips. Remember to take seeds out of cucumber. Chop basil. Heat up water to almost boiling. Set yourself up on a table with your veggies, boiling water, rice paper rolls and two empty plates (one for rolling and one for the finished product). Place rice paper in water, leaving it until it becomes limp. Have fork on hand if water is too hot to dip your fingers in. Place rice paper on plate, place ingredients in center of paper. See video for rolling instructions. For dipping sauce, purée all ingredients in a blender or by hand until smooth. That’s it! Easy, lovely and delicious. Try adding fried tofu for a heartier spring roll.



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6 responses to “Picture Me Rollin’

  1. oh man you guys rule! i’m so making these.

  2. Glick

    this episode was not wack. not at all.

  3. Inbal

    This recipe is excellent! i tried it and loved it!
    and the website is awesome too, love the video… sooo funny!

  4. mimi

    liz this is amazing!!! those spring rolls look divine. AND I love the food patrol. you were damn right about those lucky charms, those were better served on her PANTS than in da BOWL!!!

  5. Lara

    That was a very entertaining episode and the combination of flavors looks really appetizing. I hope I can find rice paper in Israel!

  6. Lara

    mission accomplished! mangoes won’t be in season until next month but I made some rice and added uncooked tofu, salt, dried basil (I know fresh would have been better). Instead of apricot preserves, I used fig preserves because that is what we had and it was delicious. I appreciate having a snack that is healthy and quite alive. Thanks for that 🙂

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