Fo’ Shizzle My Fizzle

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To all the loyal fans out there who’ve been beggin’ for more Cookin’, I’m proud to deliver this refreshing new episode featuring summer’s best companion: THE COLD DRINK.  That’s right, in honor of the warm weather we’re gonna cool you off with two beverages starring my all time favorite liquid…seltzer!  If you aren’t already a seltzer fan, I’m prepared to convert you.  So sit back, relax, and get pourin’…

Egg Cream:



Milk (Soy is ok too if that’s your thing)

Chocolate Syrup (Vanilla and Strawberry are great too!)

1. Pour milk in a tall glass, about half way to the top.  Pour in a generous helping of syrup.

2. Place a tall spoon in the glass.  Tip the glass to the side and pour seltzer almost to the top.

3. Twirl spoon with a flick of the wrist in small, even circles until foam forms on top (about 30 seconds).

Yum!  Recession friendly, Refreshing and Delicious!

Cocktail: (I invite you to play with ratios).


White Grape Juice

Orange Seltzer

Slice of Orange.

I serve mine over ice.  Get Boozin!



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3 responses to “Fo’ Shizzle My Fizzle

  1. Lara

    fun fun! thanks for another cool delivery, Liz!

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  3. Glick!

    Normally, I dislike seltzer, although, the egg cream looked amazing. In fact, I’ve never had an egg cream before.

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