About Cookin’

Roll Up Ya Sleeves and Turn Up The Volume!

At last! You can get comfy in the kitchen and still remain your busy urban self.

Shot on site in Brooklyn. This is the next level shit.

Cookin’ is for anyone interested in food: makin’ it, eatin’ it, watchin’ it. Cookin’ promotes a health urban lifestyle and a reclamation of the kitchen. Bon Appetit!


2 responses to “About Cookin’

  1. Mike from Oceanside

    I saw this show for the first time this morning and I RAN outside to get groceries. The food is hot, the cook is smokin’, and the music is burnin’ me up!
    It’s like this show completely stimulated my Mind Grapes.

  2. Hi ya’ll, big fan of the show.
    Great vibe and concept.
    A few things in my humble opinion
    would vastly improve the format of the show.
    1. Mo’ Liz! I find myself feeling a sort of empty void at the end of each episode… who is this..Liz? What makes her tick? or…cook? I would even be so bold as to suggest “Cookin’ with your host Liz Alpern” or something to that effect. She’s a darling host…you should explore her superstar potential, she definitely has IT.
    2. How about a live studio audience? Some folks to hang around, chat with Liz, and taste the end product?
    3. A snazzy apron.
    ‘Nuff said.

    keep on chooglin’

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